Our Car

Our team aims to create a car that is reliable, attainable, and affordable. Each year, the car is redesigned from scratch and built from the ground up to obtain new goals.

Our vehicle for the 2018 Formula SAE competition has been completely re-designed from scratch where we are building based off new design goals and team organization.

2017-2018 Season Car, WR-10

2016-2017 Season Car, WR-09
2015-2016 Season Car, WR-08


  • Reliable
  • Attainable
  • Affordable


  • 2008 Honda CBR 600RR engine
  • Lightweight 3D printed intake restrictor and plenum
  • Custom mapped MegaSquirt ECU
    Nic Chmiel tests intake fitment.


  • 6 Speed transmission
  • Easily modifiable final drive ratio
  • Torsen differential with custom manufactured axles
Alex Svensson cutting splines on our custom axles.


  • MicroSquirt ECU with data acquisition
  • Data aquisition of engine and vehicle dynamics
  • Customized Dash with LED Tachometer
Anthony Butay, Richard Chen, Kory O’Connor, and Raul Rodriguez install strain gauges on push rods.


  • Double wishbone suspension, with pushrod actuated front and rear dampers
  • Willwood dual piston calipers
  • Custom waterjetted/CNC’ed aluminum uprights
  • Ohlins TTX-25MKII dampers
Assembled control arms


  • 1020 Space Frame
  • Honeycomb composite floor
  • Square tube bottom
Two students install the firewall into the chassis.